30 ene. 2013

Goi-Contini fixie

 The last transformate bike. Originaly Goi-Contini cycling bike, created in Altsasu (Nafarroa, Pays Basque) with light steel. Some people think that in the 90s Contini was Cinelli distortive, but they are artisans. Each one think that you want... Today steel bikes are becoming fashionables, because are strong, lightweight, small volume and unsurpassed elasticity close to titanium.

Here my particular Goi-Contini (Goi is for Goikoetxea):  
Before changes

First attempt

Almost finished

Transmision. Temporaly with 2 chainrings and 5 gears

Blue details

Blue details

Bullhorn handlebar

Black and blue crank

Running of the bulls

Sanferminak '13

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